About Us

We have been repairing phones and other gadgets for over ten years, on the High Street and also online.

In that time, we have learned a few things and not only about electronics!


We believe in the power of repair.

We do not want to add to the mountains of waste that there already is in the world. We are here to try and do something about it.

Our ethos drives us to repair what is at all repairable and recycle whatever is not.

This is because, more than most, we see the waste created by the electronics manufacturing industry, on a daily business.

And we know that it is not sustainable. So we resolved to do something about it and that starts with repairing what is broken.

Over the last ten years our team have repaired literally hundreds of thousands of devices – all which would have been destined for the scrapheap.

And that makes us feel kind of good about things. But this is only a drop in the ocean compared to the myriad of electronics out there, and it is that thought that sustains us in our quest to mend as much as humanly possible!


Over the last decade, our team has grown dramatically from a two man show, to now employing over ten team members.

Our staff are all experts in their relevant fields, bringing together the different strands of specialisms, from iPhones to PCs.


We have built up a fearsome reputation as the unrivaled experts in our field.

If we cannot fix it, then it is unlikely that anyone can do.

Save yourself time, money and hassle and bring your device to us first!


As we are completely committed to the philosophy of repair, we do not sell new gadgets or electronics.

We are a repair center pure and simple.

We hope to see you through our doors, or online, when your device needs some TLC!