What We Offer Our Customers


Our outlet has been a friendly face on the High Street for over ten years. In that time, we have really got to know our customers and build up a personal relationship with them.

We have become a trusted business and retailer in the locality and forged a reputation based on word of mouth.


Our online service was launched five years ago and now outstrips our walk in service.

This is because we simply keep our promises and repair devices promptly and efficiently.

Most repairs are completed and returned to their owner within a forty eight hour period. This may take longer, depending on the postal service.


Our center brings together experts in various devices. We have iPhone specialists and PC experts, all together under one roof.

We only use the finest components, to ensure that any repair done on a device will last for the longest time possible. It is not our policy to try and do repairs on the cheap. We believe that when you walk out of our shop, it should be the last time you have that problem with your device.

Of course, we cannot stop the passage of time, and other things happening to your gadget. But we do guarantee that the repair we do will last the test of time.


In most cases it should be possible to repair your device whilst you wait. In a lot of times, this means actually within a few minutes. But in 90% of cases, we can repair your device within the hour.

For the few more difficult to fix problems, we will let you know exactly how long it will take to mend and give you a quote that you can trust.

PCs and laptops may take longer to fix than one hour, but most smartphones and tablets can usually be repaired within this timescale.


In most cases, our trained staff will be able to give an instant diagnosis, after only a short period of time.


We are not out to rip anyone off.

We believe in repair and re-use of devices, therefore, we do not want to put anyone off from getting their device mended, by charging extortionate prices.

Once we have quoted you a price, we stick to that quote.

If it seems like a repair may go above what we thought it initially might do, we ask if you would like to proceed with that repair or not.